Class of 2021
Dr. Samantha Aho
Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine

“I chose SR-AHEC because as soon as I stepped foot into the building, I felt like I was a part of their family. Everyone is so kind and welcoming, and the mutual support and respect between all of the residents was obvious. The educational and career opportunities are phenomenal with an allowance for a schedule tailored to your specific interests and passions. The new building serves as a significant asset not only to the residency but also to the community, so the emphasis on patient-centered medicine is clearly the priority of everyone working here. As well, the location close to family in NC was ideal for me.”

Dr. Harrison Grunwald
Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine

“In medical school, I often asked the residents and physicians I rotated with why they chose their specific specialty and if they would go back and choose it again. When it was time for my family medicine rotation through SR-AHEC as a 3rd year medical student, it was clear to me that the people here were content with their decision and their ability to make an impact on the community. This assured me to pursue family medicine as a career, and when it became time to choose a residency, I truly felt that there was no better place to grow as a physician than the program that inspired me to enter the field of family medicine in the first place.”

Dr. Kristina Kurkimillis
Lincoln Memorial-DeBuske College of Osteopathic Medicine

“I knew SR-AHEC was home when I met the residents who genuinely seemed happy and found a family who truly cared about our well-being as more than a resident, but as a person too. This program also possesses the most well rounded curriculum, truly preparing us to become the most prepared and full scope family practitioners we can be. I am both grateful and proud to be a part of the SR-AHEC family for the next three years!”

Dr. Joseph May
Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine

“I chose SR-AHEC for the people. After spending time with the residents, faculty, and staff I appreciated the supportive community atmosphere. Everyone in the building knows each other’s name. There is also a great emphasis on your education between the didactics and the teaching service. You are going to graduate as a well-rounded physician. It is also hard to beat the brand new state of the art facilities!”

Dr. Elizabeth Nelson
Chief Resident
University of Utah

“SR-AHEC was my first choice because I was looking for a program that felt like a family. From my first interaction with the residents, it was clear that while they worked hard to take care of patients, they also have fun together outside of the hospital. There is a clear emphasis on supported learning in this program--upper levels take the time to help interns succeed and everyone has the opportunity to teach medical students. The faculty have a wide breadth of knowledge that allows you to really explore the different avenues of family medicine. I am thrilled to be a part of this strong residency program and am looking forward to the next three years!”

Dr. Rajvir Singh
American University of Antigua

“I was looking for a program that not only showed great relationship among residents, but also between faculty and residents. The camaraderie was clearly evident during my time at SR-AHEC. The residents and faculty were more than welcoming on my interview day. Moreover, the faculty and residents wanted to get to know who I am as a person. Also, the vast amount of unique pathology that would be seen in the rotations helped solidify SR-AHEC as a top program. This would prepare me to manage and treat the common and rare diseases. I was impressed by the full-spectrum training, and how the program can be catered to your interests at any point during your training. For anyone who does not know what type of practice peaks their interest, this is the perfect program. The new clinic building was the cherry on top.”

Dr. Julia Teck
University of Texas at Houston

“When I came to SR-AHEC to interview, I was struck by how welcoming and kind everyone was. They made me feel that in coming here I would be joining not only a team, but a family, and that is exactly what I have experienced. Everyone is very supportive and encouraging!  I was also drawn by SR-AHEC's strong presence in this community for many years and its dedication to working with an under-served patient population. I would be able to get the full-scope training I was looking for while knowing that I was part of an organization that seeks to benefit the community and truly strives to do the most that it can for its patients. I know that I will grow tremendously as a physician and patient advocate over the next three years, and I am so excited to be a member of this program!”

Dr. Arielle Villanueva
Texas A & M

"I went to an AAFP conference where I met the program coordinator and two of the residents. I could feel their enthusiasm and passion just by talking with them for a few minutes, and I mentally compared them to all the other residents in the giant conference center. Where else did I see such happy residents? Where else did I feel so welcomed? At dinner, all the things they mentioned- from the opportunity to work with medical students, to the dedicated faculty, to the longitudinal behavioral health curriculum, to their targeted under-served population -were aspects I wanted in my residency program. That night, I couldn't sleep for all the adrenaline because I knew this was the family I wanted to join."

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