The Southern Regional AHEC Family Medicine Residency Program is accredited by the ACGME with Osteopathic Recognition (OR), effective July 2017. Prior to the single accreditation system, this program was the first dually accredited program in the state of North Carolina (ACGME/AOA). The program was approved, after a review by the ACGME Osteopathic Principles Committee, for Continued Recognition, effective April 9, 2021. "We continue  our proud tradition of excellent Osteopathic education,” says James Lester, DO, Family Medicine Center Medical Director and Director of Osteopathic Education.

The program boasts a robust Osteopathic Learning Environment that encourages and enhances the skills and technical training of our residents. OR Residents participate in monthly OMT training that includes didactic learning, hands-on skills training and assessment, resident-led scholarly presentations using osteopathic journals and textbooks, and the practice of OMT in the inpatient setting. Bi-annual skills assessment and evaluation allow for the autonomous practice of OMT by those residents deemed proficient in specific techniques, within appropriate guidelines. The presence of osteopathic medical students further enriches the skills and education of our residents.

Residents participate in quarterly Osteopathic Education Committee meetings in which they discuss and review expectations of the program and the overall learning environment. These meetings also incorporate reviews of previous ACOFP In-Service Examinations.

Recurring milestone-based feedback and evaluation by osteopathic faculty, as well as longitudinal practice requirements round out an ideal learning environment that fully prepares our graduates for future practice in multiple settings.