Class of 2022
Caudill 3
University of Pikeville Kentucky College of Osteopathic Medicine

“I chose SR-AHEC because the program was well established and organized, the patient population was diverse, and I felt like I would be well prepared for my career as a family physician. I did a medical school audition at SR-AHEC and immediately felt like part of the family. I also noticed the residents here at SR-AHEC were the smartest residents I had the pleasure of working with in medical school. They were so up to date on knowledge and really practiced evidence based medicine. I wanted to be “smart like them” and feel loved, included, and prepared. I could not have made a better choice for residency."

Clark 3
Campbell University College of Osteopathic Medicine

“From the beginning, everyone at SR-AHEC made me feel included and cared about and that was the kind of environment that I wanted to train in. Also, at this program, there is no limit to what the family doctor can do. As a graduate of SR-AHEC, I know that I will be well equipped for a career in outpatient or inpatient medicine. With the abundance of patient experiences and procedures that SR-AHEC offers, it didn’t make sense to go anywhere else.”

Colfax 3
American University of Antigua

“During my interview I was amazed by the SR-AHEC staff, residents and everyone involved. All the residents were welcoming and kind and talked of how well the curriculum is structured. The presence SR-AHEC had in the community and the history the program possessed helping the underserved truly drew me here. The guidance we receive from our attendings and the senior residents create a true learning environment.”

insixengmai 3
St. George's University

“I chose SR-AHEC as my training program because it was where I felt most at home. I was looking for a supportive program that will be there every step of the way, understand that residency is a learning process and build me into the best physician I can be walking out the doors at graduation. The comradery and true family setting of the residents and staff is beyond compare to any other program and SR-AHEC has done a wonderful job in selecting those individuals that truly fit our family.”

Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine - Auburn Campus

“I transferred into the Family Medicine program at SRAHEC after completing intern year elsewhere. Since arriving, I have been continually blessed to find co-residents who are welcoming, faculty who clearly have a passion for education, and staff that are eager to help in any way they can. This program provides an environment that encourages curiosity and fosters learning, giving me absolute confidence that experiences over the next two years will help prepare all of us to provide excellent patient care in the future.”

McDonald 3
Ross University

“When electing a residency training program, it was important to identify one that had established mission and goals, which mirrored my own. The goal of alleviating issues of health inequity with a focus on the local medically underserved population, which has been embraced by SR-AHEC, is very closely aligned with my own. These goals are met and surpassed, all while maintaining the quality and integrity of the program. I was also impressed with the level of community stewardship being fostered. There is no shortage of experiencing the feeling of being a part of something greater than yourself, while being constantly clinically groomed and supported by knowledgeable and experienced faculty and staff.”

Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine

“One of the things that excited me about this program is the OMM/OMT training and the opportunity to learn and to improve my skills to better care for my patients. My fiancé is also a resident here, so that was, of course, a factor in choosing this program.”

Shah 3
Jr. Chief Resident
Northeast Ohio Medical University

“I chose SR-AHEC because of its tight-knit community. I immediately could see how much SR-AHEC did for its patients. It provides so many opportunities for its residents to treat a variety of patients, from foster children and homeless patients to newborns and elderly patients. In addition to that, the connection that the residents have with each other was unlike any other program I had seen. The transition from being a medical student to an intern has been so smooth because of all the help from fellow residents and the wonderful faculty.”

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