Southern Regional AHEC (SR-AHEC) hosts a community-based, collaborative, family medicine residency program that specializes in integrated care and personalized education, including the first approved D.O. residency in North Carolina. SR-AHEC is also home to residencies in pharmacy and medical family therapy, as well as a faculty development fellowship.

Based at SR-AHEC's Family Medicine Center, the program is conveniently located across the street from Cape Fear Valley Medical Center that, along with four other hospitals and primary care physician offices throughout the surrounding areas, make up the regional health system.

The team of dedicated professionals at SR-AHEC is looking for compassionate physicians who are driven and committed to care for individuals in under-served populations. The program operates a model family practice in which faculty and residents participate. Residents, faculty and staff are organized into teams responsible for patient health care. Each team has nine examination rooms, faculty office, nursing station and procedures room. Leading each team is a full-time faculty family physician, who is available for advice and instruction.

All residents have access to:

• Laptops and data plan stipend;
AHEC Digital Library (ADL) based at the Health Sciences Library at UNC-Chapel Hill;
• Rad-Challenger, Med-Challenger, Up to date and Epocrates;
• Electronic Health Records (EHR) with e-prescribing; and
• Wifi at The Family Medicine Center